We Held a Debate Night on the Dream SMP...

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The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


  1. Akasuki Sato

    Akasuki SatoПре сат

    L’Manburg isn’t even a thing anymore. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Enderkitty2001

    Enderkitty2001Пре 7 сати

    is this before or after ksi slapped you

  3. •Dxsty Cloudz•

    •Dxsty Cloudz•Пре 11 сати

    I simp

  4. Maisy Jones

    Maisy JonesПре 12 сати

    there are so many hamilton references its funny

  5. Krasota Bella

    Krasota BellaПре дан


  6. Skittles plz u bitch

    Skittles plz u bitchПре дан

    thats funny how back then my friend introduced me to Hamilton so i had a whole hamilton phase after all that and realised all the reference after

  7. WellHelloThere

    WellHelloThereПре дан

    Holy shit was this really 7months ago omg

  8. Slytherin Princess

    Slytherin PrincessПре дан


  9. Jennianne stitt

    Jennianne stittПре дан


  10. kolbie delclef

    kolbie delclefПре дан

    I saw George trip UnU

  11. Sarah Keith

    Sarah KeithПре 2 дана

    19:51 Some Hamilton words I noticed 🙂

  12. Gametime Nick

    Gametime NickПре 2 дана

    Favorite part of the vid 10:38

  13. my beloved

    my belovedПре 2 дана

    ok but whys tubbo herobrine

  14. Asi

    AsiПре 2 дана

    i cant believe this was 6 months ago jesus christ

  15. e4rlys

    e4rlysПре 2 дана

    10:45 if anyones wondering

  16. YezaCartoonz

    YezaCartoonzПре 2 дана

    No one gonna ask about Wilbur's sub goal is just "Punch TommyInnt"

  17. Stray Jams

    Stray JamsПре 2 дана

    The new Hamilton looks great :D

  18. Lawrence 4

    Lawrence 4Пре 4 дана


  19. Pandora PlayZ

    Pandora PlayZПре 4 дана

    If I’m being honest, this is debate is better than the actual one

  20. S N

    S NПре 6 дана

    10:45 hands down best part

  21. Are u mad bro ?

    Are u mad bro ?Пре 6 дана

    Are we going to talk about how BBH just bouncing in the corner all the time of the Depates?

  22. Aprianex

    AprianexПре 7 дана


  23. Queen Huffle

    Queen HuffleПре 7 дана

    I’m thirsty bc I just ate Oreos, should I drink hand sanitizer?

  24. Queen Huffle

    Queen HuffleПре 9 сати

    @JuliasCrazyAdventures why do I see this when I’m eating Oreos

  25. JuliasCrazyAdventures

    JuliasCrazyAdventuresПре дан

    Clean ya insides

  26. TrRiPpY Frog

    TrRiPpY FrogПре 7 дана

    I think Wilbur listens to Hamilton it's very subtle

  27. Astro wasalreadytaken

    Astro wasalreadytakenПре 8 дана

    Wouldn't a good argument for George blaming Tommy for his conflicts be that George started the first conflict on the smp?

  28. PR0 GRAMM3D

    PR0 GRAMM3DПре 8 дана


  29. Addy Poggers

    Addy PoggersПре 8 дана


  30. Wiki How

    Wiki HowПре 9 дана

    Wilbur: "Tommy meet me inside x3" Tommy: "Sir, I don't know what you heard But whatever it is, Goggy started it" Wilbur: "GeorgeNotFound resigned this morning" Tommy: "You're kidding" Wilbur: "No, he's stepping down so he can run for Vice President"

  31. Estrid

    EstridПре 9 дана

    8:38 Quackity said *Karl Marx time*

  32. Momentus In_the_shadows

    Momentus In_the_shadowsПре 9 дана

    ...wow, this is a piece of history. L’manberg really has changed.

  33. KoopaTroopaGamer

    KoopaTroopaGamerПре 10 дана

    “You tried to bribe someone” “I didn’t try it I did it. Quite successfully actually.” 😂

  34. raelynn

    raelynnПре 10 дана

    i keep laughing cause wilbur keeps using hamilton lyrics and I just can't lmao.

  35. vanillapxstry

    vanillapxstryПре 10 дана

    this is just a random wilbur video, but i got wilbur glasses! no one asked but i just felt i’d have to say it on one video lmao

  36. Joshua Herrera

    Joshua HerreraПре 11 дана

    i love it how tommy exposed gogy and dream

  37. Tess ???

    Tess ???Пре 11 дана

    I am very confused, how is Big Q running for president of a place he’s never lived

  38. Sam

    SamПре 12 дана

    going back and watching this the two things i really forgot about it were a) the obscene amount of hamilton references and b) how fucking dramatic it is. like how did this turn into what it is today

  39. L-is-Tired ?

    L-is-Tired ?Пре 12 дана

    No one is talking about how the sub goal is literally "Punch Tommyinnit" And I think that's a shame.

  40. Veil

    VeilПре 12 дана

    10:46 best part of the video



    this was posted on my birthday LMAO

  42. Anguish

    AnguishПре 13 дана

    This is the first dream smp video i've watched....

  43. Dylanboy69 1

    Dylanboy69 1Пре 13 дана

    10:46 love it so much

  44. ria sangha

    ria sanghaПре 13 дана

    Funny that George claimed L'manberg wanted war when it was his fellow SMP member Dream, who brought the declaration of war just as L'manberg signed their declaration of independence.

  45. Melissa McConville

    Melissa McConvilleПре 13 дана

    tubbo made this video. You can’t prove me wrong.

  46. Suplan YT

    Suplan YTПре 14 дана

    why swag party is correct. first there was peace then tommy started wars and wars wars, invited Wilbur to start selling drugs, got caught so you created a nation on THEIR land dream declarers war on them and use that as defense when being elected. so tommy and Wilbur are allowed to cause wars and conflict but they aren't allowed to do it back? also COMPLETLY ignore the questions about the hypocrisy among you all. PLEASE change my mind but from my perspective l'manburg is wrong. (also discriminating ALL American's when only a few actually went to war with you) edit: ik the whole SMP is a bit and scripted I don't take it very seriously but Fundy 2020

  47. Melissa McConville

    Melissa McConvilleПре 13 дана

    Literally, too bad none of them won

  48. Sayantani Debnath

    Sayantani DebnathПре 14 дана

    11:40 21:26

  49. kaylee ,

    kaylee ,Пре 14 дана

    george cutting everyone off annoyed me so bad idk why.

  50. Abigail Seyfert

    Abigail SeyfertПре 15 дана

    dream: ok the rules are no stealing and no going to the end on this server tommy: bribery, treason, revolution, murder of the judge, and lots of stealing

  51. Larkin Dupont

    Larkin DupontПре 15 дана

    It’s so funny how similar this is to the actual presidential debates🤣🤣

  52. Alex

    AlexПре 15 дана

    EHEHEHEHHEHEH i'm a bit late aren't I?

  53. 7salad3salad

    7salad3saladПре 16 дана

    2:36 the best noise

  54. Josh Gaming

    Josh GamingПре 16 дана

    At 20:01 what is fundy doing outside the door

  55. tân tân 55

    tân tân 55Пре 17 дана

    chào bạn hay lắm bạn ơi chúc bạn vui vẻ mạnh khỏe nhé OK bạn

  56. gay__slytherin

    gay__slytherinПре 17 дана

    10:45 "if it pleases the court I would like to say that my opponent is talking shit"

  57. •Andrea•

    •Andrea•Пре 18 дана


  58. Neico Havenga

    Neico HavengaПре 18 дана

    I wish there were more like buttons

  59. HeyItzMe 07

    HeyItzMe 07Пре 19 дана

    10:46 11:40 😂😂

  60. Your Average Arsonist

    Your Average ArsonistПре 19 дана

    9:00 Wilbur ep1: "fuck 12", "a pig eating pig" Karl ep5: guess Wilbur supports the police


    ASHISLONELY TSPПре 19 дана

    I know I’m a bit late to the DreamSMP series, but Fundy betraying his Father for a bakery has the same energy as Technoblade saying he’d betray Skeppy for confetti.

  62. Marcy Varcy

    Marcy VarcyПре 20 дана


  63. Kendell Hosley

    Kendell HosleyПре 20 дана

    Why is Karl here

  64. Fancy Pants

    Fancy PantsПре 20 дана

    They went from selling drugs in a truck to making nations and starting wars

  65. Rachel Hein

    Rachel HeinПре 20 дана

    I love this ⭐

  66. Madi Meyer

    Madi MeyerПре 21 дан

    10:46 is the best part, by far

  67. _Glitch_

    _Glitch_Пре 21 дан


  68. BloodyOnly :D

    BloodyOnly :DПре 22 дана

    If pleases the court i would like to say: my oponent is talking (deep voice crack) *sh¡t.* Time stamp: 10:46

  69. Nizamuddin Nadzri

    Nizamuddin NadzriПре 22 дана

    "Well you don't allow shit BITCH!"

  70. Sandra Asdwed

    Sandra AsdwedПре 23 дана

    wait wait dream start the wars bruhhhhhhhhhh


    DRIPPYSTUFFПре 23 дана

    10:47 If it pleases the court my opponent is talking sh*t

  72. Giovanna Sall

    Giovanna SallПре 23 дана

    10:45 if it please the court my opponent is talking SHIIIT

  73. Isaiah Yeldon

    Isaiah YeldonПре 24 дана

    If it pleases the court, I would like to say my opponent is talking SHIT!!!.-Wilbur Soot

  74. Lemberries

    LemberriesПре 24 дана

    a r s o n

  75. Siba Siba

    Siba SibaПре 25 дана


  76. It’s 3am, sleep

    It’s 3am, sleepПре 25 дана

    I so badly want to take this video seriously for lore purposes but I can't stop thinking about how clearly the only guideline Tommy and Wilbur had to playing their characters was that Wil was Washington and Tommy was Hamilton and that is just funny to me

  77. MaybeMayhem

    MaybeMayhemПре 25 дана

    10:45 *If it pleases the court, I would like to say that my opponent is talking shiiiit* 17:00 *Wtf gogy* 11:40 *Are you done with your pissing contest now?*

  78. Kaya Gedikoglu

    Kaya GedikogluПре 26 дана

    10:45 funny funny

  79. Partially Peculiar

    Partially PeculiarПре 26 дана

    Holy shit Tommy had blue eyes before his exile ark Jeez that's way brighter than before Oh j e e z man I'm uncultured

  80. kylo

    kyloПре 26 дана

    hes talking out his arse

  81. AkikoBunny

    AkikoBunnyПре 26 дана

    The good old days

  82. Angela Castillo

    Angela CastilloПре 26 дана

    Dream literally popping in because Tommy brought up Minecraft Manhunt XD

  83. K - ARMA

    K - ARMAПре 26 дана

    And that's on the invisionary recreation of Hamilton titled: "Hamilbur." 🤚😌 I love coming back to this video for some reason

  84. dollish

    dollishПре 26 дана

    10:44 “If it please the court my opponent is talking 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓲𝓲𝓲𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓽”

  85. enil

    enilПре 27 дана

    11:00 "did you sccept his CORRUPTION?" 14:32 LMFAO 16:34 IM WHEEZING

  86. BrandonsStuff

    BrandonsStuffПре 28 дана

    "If it pleases the court, I would like to say that my opponent is talking SHIT" - Wilbur Soot

  87. moonlilly

    moonlillyПре 28 дана

    i love how dream immediately shows up when manhaunt is mentioned

  88. IntrovertedGhost Kid

    IntrovertedGhost KidПре 28 дана

    Can we just talk about how Dream popped in like: "You wanna talk shit bout me?"

  89. Tamsyn Evans

    Tamsyn EvansПре 29 дана

    the amount of hamilton references pains me-

  90. Ace Rose

    Ace RoseПре 29 дана

    wellyou don't alow shit bich - tubbo 2020 21:29

  91. Marlon Gutierrez

    Marlon GutierrezПре 29 дана

    "I dont want some stumbley vice president" Well this didnt age well

  92. Sheila Is Edgy

    Sheila Is EdgyПре месец

    10:46 why is this so funny

  93. Colpex

    ColpexПре месец

    Wait... wasnt goggy attacking lmanberg with dream

  94. Ella Kenney

    Ella KenneyПре месец

    “I’m really good at button pressing’ Oh YIU have noooo idea past Wilbur

  95. nontas ligou

    nontas ligouПре месец

    Georgenotfound be like: you caused so many wars. Also georgenotfound and dream blow up l'manberg

  96. Arios Kira

    Arios KiraПре месец

    10:45 If it pleases the court, my opponent is talking ş̵̬̥͇̱̜̈́̒̔̾̈́͝͝h̵̡͍̳̼̘̜̩̠͇͕̦̱̤̭̙͖̺͈̬̖̥̿͜ͅį̸̢̢̣̼̮̯̱͚̙̻̝͊̀̋̃̏̉͛̃̐̓̐̀͋͊̓̆̉̀͌̋̾̃̍͐̊̽ṭ̷̨̨͚̲̱͙̻̫̦̞̙̩̝̬͍̩̥͇͈͙̳͍̦͊͛̈̈́̇̇̎̿́͗͊́̈́̾͜

  97. noodles

    noodlesПре месец


  98. Lydia Myers

    Lydia MyersПре месец

    The Hamilton refinances are one point. 👌😔

  99. Luz Maravilla

    Luz MaravillaПре месец

    10:47 nobody: Wilbur as his voice goes deeper: "I would like to say that my opponent is talking sh*t."

  100. waarreeennn woo

    waarreeennn wooПре месец


  101. lovely

    lovelyПре месец

    hey 53xy boy

  102. Just_Kaasi

    Just_KaasiПре месец

    If it pleases the court I'd like to say my opponents talking shittttttt

  103. Tullos James

    Tullos JamesПре месец

    I love the Hamilton references