Turns out Tubbo is Cracked at Dodgeball

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  1. The Criminalies

    The CriminaliesПре 38 минута

    bro is ur nose ok after KSI punched u

  2. Shaila Cambra

    Shaila CambraПре 2 сата

    How is ur vids so funny I’m like “ u not going to laugh today “ BOOM I laugh

  3. ジェー

    ジェーПре 3 сата

    all of you who are saying ksi punched wilbur, it was fake, ksi’s fist wasn’t even near his face

  4. Sucrose

    SucroseПре 2 сата

    yes it's fake

  5. Kitty ._.

    Kitty ._.Пре 3 сата

    Wilby,, are you ok???? That looked like it hurt..

  6. PMK

    PMKПре 4 сата

    One of your You Laugh You Lose just got age restricted I thinm

  7. Alisa

    AlisaПре 4 сата

    Wilber are you feeling ok?😧

  8. Nicholas McGill

    Nicholas McGillПре 5 сати

    your face is gone by ksi

  9. Otávio Pelúcias vídeo

    Otávio Pelúcias vídeoПре 5 сати

    Can I enter the origins smp but with one condition I have to use the Cobblestone origin.This is my discord name: mvoliveira2 tata357#3800 if you se and want to respond me here it is.

  10. Winter VR

    Winter VRПре 5 сати

    Lmao your just a kid he isn't gonna let you in

  11. Vern

    VernПре 7 сати

    Hey Wilbur! You might not (and probably won’t) see this comment but I’ve always wondered what is your thing with retro technology?

  12. Samantha Padilla

    Samantha PadillaПре 7 сати

    wilbur soot are you ok i saw tommyinnits newest video and you seem to be hurt get better :)

  13. Darth Hentai

    Darth HentaiПре 4 сата


  14. Hinuza Izumi

    Hinuza IzumiПре 8 сати

    Wilbur I heard you eat sand well so do I sand is great✨



    How is ur nose

  16. Kelsy Korell

    Kelsy KorellПре 9 сати

    Pleas can you play Minecraft with Jschlatt agein?🙏🏼

  17. Lennart Hippler

    Lennart HipplerПре 9 сати

    Hello Logan Paul

  18. Robot Gamer

    Robot GamerПре 9 сати

    you doing ok Willbur you know from the tommyinnit vlog

  19. Darth Hentai

    Darth HentaiПре 4 сата


  20. Charlotte

    CharlotteПре 9 сати

    Wilbur u get puched by KSI Are u K? I'm a Simp ;D and Care too u

  21. mw366

    mw366Пре 10 сати

    This is my friend here Tubbo_, he’s already taken, and he’s cracked at Dodge Ball my guy. Ughggg!

  22. Gamer X

    Gamer XПре 10 сати

    U good from u know

  23. Weeb Woo

    Weeb WooПре 10 сати

    Blood for the carrot God and their loyal follower Tubbo

  24. Tubee

    TubeeПре 10 сати

    Poor wilbur ksi hit him😢

  25. Furret

    FurretПре 10 сати

    Wilbur, how's your nose? The hit from KSI must hurt you. I just realised that TommyInnit is not a good person. You've got hit because of Tommy. From now on, I will only watch TommyInnit when I'm feeling down, to receive some happiness. The main RSclubr I will watch, will be you.

  26. Sucrose

    SucroseПре 2 сата

    bruh it's fake

  27. Darth Hentai

    Darth HentaiПре 4 сата

    Ur trolling right?

  28. MaxAndCheese

    MaxAndCheeseПре 10 сати

    Ive been expecting you mr gold

  29. FenixFox

    FenixFoxПре 10 сати

    Hey, Will why you keep chicken in your pocket?

  30. NetWork_.

    NetWork_.Пре 11 сати

    Rip wilburs 👃

  31. Under Bun

    Under BunПре 11 сати

    If you remember the Florida thing you guy were saying in another video saying thank god there is no one from Florida in the dream smp i’m from Florida that just made me a little sad hope this don’t make you sad😅

  32. patsy Martin

    patsy MartinПре 11 сати

    hey wil are you okay im sry that you got punched you good man

  33. Iz Brody

    Iz BrodyПре 12 сати

    Little did he know ksi was going to punch him

  34. GF

    GFПре 13 сати

    Are u ok? :(

  35. *SleepyBoy*

    *SleepyBoy*Пре 13 сати

    Wilbur how is ur nose? Are u ok? Take care and I hope KSI didn’t hit u to hard... ÚvÙ

  36. GF

    GFПре 13 сати

    That's really Sweet of you

  37. Deniable Adz

    Deniable AdzПре 13 сати

    will had a brain anuerysm after ksi punched him and forgot his password.

  38. Tiger.

    Tiger.Пре 13 сати

    you can see there sponsorship is working when im gonna get the game.

  39. Miky :D Lora

    Miky :D LoraПре 14 сати

    I hope everything is alright with you because KSI punched you just in the face

  40. Olav Storbråten

    Olav StorbråtenПре 14 сати

    Is your nose okay?

  41. Just A chollo

    Just A cholloПре 14 сати

    Can u upload another thief minecraft video ?

  42. nerd gaming

    nerd gamingПре 14 сати

    Wil there is a song you should watch on stream on twitch it is called the lmanburg song it is goooood

  43. Aria Maples

    Aria MaplesПре 15 сати

    Wilbur u good I saw KSI hit u hard :P

  44. Renkris Elizha Sanchez

    Renkris Elizha SanchezПре 15 сати

    Wilbur are u ok i mean ksi punched you

  45. Sucrose

    SucroseПре 2 сата

    @Renkris Elizha Sanchez its fake

  46. Renkris Elizha Sanchez

    Renkris Elizha SanchezПре 14 сати

    @Karl Yeah he did

  47. Karl Yeah

    Karl YeahПре 14 сати

    No he didnt

  48. Stan_Gaming_NL

    Stan_Gaming_NLПре 15 сати

    wilbur are you alright ksi slapped you why?

  49. Underlike

    UnderlikeПре 15 сати

    wilbur i just watch tommy,s i met ksi vid i saw you get punch by fuking ksi are you ok??😟😟

  50. Sucrose

    SucroseПре 2 сата

    @Darth Hentai yes

  51. Darth Hentai

    Darth HentaiПре 4 сата

    its fake

  52. Reveuse espoir

    Reveuse espoirПре 15 сати

    hey will, are you okay after that punch? just checking

  53. Tonkerzzz

    TonkerzzzПре 15 сати

    Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying .... "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance to prove myself".

  54. DishOnHype

    DishOnHypeПре 16 сати

    Man got hitted by ksi😂

  55. Sucrose

    SucroseПре 2 сата

    @Furret fake

  56. Furret

    FurretПре 10 сати

    That's funny to you!? Wilbur got hit in the nose! At the worst scenario, he might have respiratory problems. And it's funny to you. Shame on you.

  57. Jen Enad

    Jen EnadПре 16 сати

    wilbur is that real ksi did punch you :[ ?

  58. Furret

    FurretПре 10 сати

    If Wilbur isn't recording for that time, then KSI really punched.

  59. alidoz

    alidozПре 16 сати

    I know It isint from this Vid but Wilbur are you ok? For the punch that ksi


    ΚΟΣΜΙΤΣΑ ΑΡΩΝΗПре 17 сати


  61. Lance Bernard Cayco

    Lance Bernard CaycoПре 17 сати

    wilbur soot!!! why you have chiken wing in your pocket jack manifold see the chekin wing he react it

  62. Jrthepro

    JrtheproПре 17 сати

    ksi really said: BITCH STFU get it cus he knocked the shit out of ur ass

  63. Minecraft Gamer2000

    Minecraft Gamer2000Пре 19 сати

    Are you ok I know that KSI in your face I saw the vid of Tommyinnit! ❤️

  64. cherry

    cherryПре 20 сати

    hello wilbur soot please send me all your information so i can do my cba on you thank you mr soot

  65. Xanarchy_01

    Xanarchy_01Пре 20 сати

    how your face? dirty crime boy


    IMPOSTARПре 21 сат

    Friend is alive ask ranboo about him

  67. Raydricシ

    RaydricシПре 21 сат

    Ik why wilbur dont post cus hes nose bleed Xd by ksi

  68. Slime

    SlimeПре 21 сат

    My frend here tubbo_, he isn't taken and he is cracked at dogeball my guy *moans*

  69. Kaylee_ YT

    Kaylee_ YTПре 21 сат

    Wilbur are you okay after you got hit by KSL?

  70. Kakashi sensi

    Kakashi sensiПре 22 сата

    Ksi bullied you man!😂

  71. Dominik Maverick

    Dominik MaverickПре 22 сата

    Hi wilbur can you spike german With me but im bad in english ok

  72. Gudong Borja

    Gudong BorjaПре 22 сата

    Hey are hurt

  73. Joshua Lava Max

    Joshua Lava MaxПре 23 сата

    Will are u ok because I know is slapped u

  74. Regular AnimeWeeb

    Regular AnimeWeebПре 18 сати

    Tf u mean? He punched him not slap also you're not KSI

  75. rune YT

    rune YTПре 23 сата

    Im sorry for you. I saw Tommys vlog and how ksi hit you. Hope your ok

  76. Leo Poon

    Leo PoonПре 23 сата


  77. Naruto Bg

    Naruto BgПре дан

    Is your nose ok?

  78. PlayzQ

    PlayzQПре дан

    Hope for Wilbur

  79. Lara Kabbedijk

    Lara KabbedijkПре дан

    Is ur nose okay?

  80. Stephan Vojinovic

    Stephan VojinovicПре дан

    Hows your nose,from the p u n c h.

  81. Brianna Marie

    Brianna MarieПре дан

    You ok man I just see tommyint post that you gogs and tommy see ksi and he punch you!!! You ok?

  82. Ymana Ezra

    Ymana EzraПре дан

    hey wilbur how's being get KSI? on tommy's new Vlog

  83. gaming with bentieone68

    gaming with bentieone68Пре дан

    Hows your nose after being punched by Jj

  84. Factually Astro Jack / Bartman777

    Factually Astro Jack / Bartman777Пре дан

    iM gAy ( literally )

  85. Eldritch Maker

    Eldritch MakerПре дан

    Wilbur just got slapped hard-

  86. Jake Jake

    Jake JakeПре дан

    How did it feel to get slapped

  87. Furret

    FurretПре 10 сати

    I once got slapped in the face. I've got respiratory problems to this day. Not a cool thing. If you feel like you are going to get slapped, dodge or block the slap with your hand.

  88. CHU_Yt

    CHU_YtПре дан

    Heyy Wilbur u ok from that punch from ksi :D

  89. *debbie ryan face intensifies*

    *debbie ryan face intensifies*Пре дан

    I hope you are doing good after that pinch in the nose

  90. tc

    tcПре дан

    the punch was fake lol

  91. Remy Soanes

    Remy SoanesПре дан

    Wilbur I hope your ok after KSI the wanker punched you

  92. tc

    tcПре дан

    the punch was fake lol

  93. BearyBublixe

    BearyBublixeПре дан

    Man, I’m a fan, but the way you took that punch from KSI- I can’t stop rewatching

  94. tc

    tcПре дан

    epic sell

  95. Fishy_boy 12

    Fishy_boy 12Пре дан

    are you ok when ksi hit you for tommys vid

  96. Light _

    Light _Пре дан

    He’s ok

  97. D U C K G O D

    D U C K G O DПре дан

    he probably had to pay EA to sponsor him

  98. Coro

    CoroПре дан

    This is probably the most unrelatable thing to happen to somebody but since im stupid and don't give a crap imma say it. Once in a discord server I started a war over a cactus. Wow im stupid-

  99. Hd Movies

    Hd MoviesПре дан

    Bro Did ksi punched you?

  100. CoffeeEmu

    CoffeeEmuПре дан

    Wilbur you good after getting hit by KSI

  101. Light _

    Light _Пре 10 сати

    @Furret look at the desc 😭😭🤚

  102. Furret

    FurretПре 10 сати

    @Light _ He is not, if he doesn't make videos. In the worst scenario, he might have respiratory problems.

  103. Light _

    Light _Пре дан

    @CoffeeEmu he’s ok

  104. CoffeeEmu

    CoffeeEmuПре дан

    Was it a skit

  105. Kiseki 8136

    Kiseki 8136Пре дан

    Dude he just got Punched in the Face is he alright man?

  106. Light _

    Light _Пре дан

    He’s ok 😂

  107. kltty galaxy

    kltty galaxyПре дан

    U okay wilbut?

  108. Luvaya Whitehead

    Luvaya WhiteheadПре дан

    wilbur are u okay from that hit from ksi??

  109. Robin Sewell

    Robin SewellПре дан

    wilby foot

  110. Ollie Collins

    Ollie CollinsПре дан

    what whapped to soothouse

  111. Squid Cat2325

    Squid Cat2325Пре дан

    Remember that one time will was a morgz stan

  112. AndreaFoot 55

    AndreaFoot 55Пре дан

    Can you make a song with tommy and tubbo?

  113. Izupunk

    IzupunkПре дан


  114. Joel Bates

    Joel BatesПре дан


  115. •Sleepy TᗝᔕTᙓᖇ

    •Sleepy TᗝᔕTᙓᖇПре дан

    WiLbUr SoOt DiEd GaY nEwS

  116. Ron Pottah

    Ron PottahПре дан

    Yooo, you aight???

  117. Chanpaiix

    ChanpaiixПре дан

    r u ok💀

  118. OOZU - MAKI

    OOZU - MAKIПре дан

    Saw ur comment on PewDiePie complimenting Tommy and I didn’t know who u were before but now I do and I already don’t like u. Bc u either spoke on something u didn’t rly know about w too much confidence n passion when u were wrong. Or u purposely took PewDiePie out of context. Not cool either way.

  119. Gavin Tayag

    Gavin TayagПре дан

    How you doing wilbur?

  120. YatoXYaboku

    YatoXYabokuПре дан

    Hey will ru ok? Just wondering after the meeting with KSI

  121. Ternswastaken 2

    Ternswastaken 2Пре дан

    Wilbur are you ok after you got punched by ksi

  122. Said Gamez

    Said GamezПре дан


  123. shadow blade

    shadow bladeПре дан

    Wilbur you just gets punch by KSI watch in tommyinnit stream

  124. IC3_Ant _

    IC3_Ant _Пре дан


  125. Slippery

    SlipperyПре дан

    Eyup Wilbur. What's you thoughts on KSI punching your nose in Tommy's Vlog?

  126. the beanie bros

    the beanie brosПре дан

    Are you good after KSI smacked the shit out of yoy