Technoblade is a Maniac. (Among Us)

I am the worst among us boy. The dirty crime boy if you will
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Among us is a game in which one of your friends is an Imposter and the other nine are crewmates. The crewmates have to complete tasks around a ship before the Imposter can catch them. This is not Minecraft unfortunately but it is still very funny and has lots of Minecraft youtubers like Technoblade and TommyInnit playing it. Among us, but it's not Minecraft could be a good title lmao

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


  1. Emily Differenz

    Emily DifferenzПре 6 сати

    "lmao he can't do anything to me-- oH MY GOD HE CAN DO SOMETHING TO ME-- YOU C H I L D D D"

  2. Charlie Storms

    Charlie StormsПре дан

    Hes friends with fundy, but he calls him a furry fuck XDD

  3. Taškuota Panda

    Taškuota PandaПре дан

    11:22 Wilbur moment

  4. Aspen Lynagh

    Aspen LynaghПре 2 дана

    "this is just who i am as a person. *faaaakkk* "

  5. Lolo Loves cookies

    Lolo Loves cookiesПре 2 дана

    Fundy: NOO PLEASE DONT VOTE ME OUT IM MAKING A VIDEO Tommy: Well here’s how we decide, Wilbur, are you also making a video? Wilbur: yes Tommy: ok, bye bye Fundy!

  6. A N

    A NПре 3 дана

    You know what? Wilbur asks so nicely for that sub he gets mine.

  7. SW4RM_

    SW4RM_Пре 3 дана

    U ARNT VERIFIED YET????????????

  8. Green Sloth

    Green SlothПре 3 дана


  9. Green Sloth

    Green SlothПре 3 дана


  10. Cerys Lansdown

    Cerys LansdownПре 4 дана

    "balls are fucking safe dude" quote Wilbur Soot 2020

  11. Saint_ 41

    Saint_ 41Пре 5 дана

    using technoblades names for views Stonks!

  12. Demonic

    DemonicПре 5 дана

    Where's amongusboy69 gone? I bet he's still in reactor.

  13. Da Queen Potatoe

    Da Queen PotatoeПре 5 дана

    Voting off Fundy is very *Fundy.*

  14. Andrew D YT

    Andrew D YTПре 5 дана

    imagine 10 pixels worth of this; my drivers when crashed

  15. Loops

    LoopsПре 6 дана

    I think that Wilburs accent has offended everyone Australian in a 500 km radius

  16. nachotheghost

    nachotheghostПре 6 дана

    for most of the video I couldn't tell if Wilbur's accent was British, South African or Australian

  17. Daisy3liza

    Daisy3lizaПре 6 дана

    Who’s Wilbur? I only know *among us boy 69*

  18. emmieinnit

    emmieinnitПре 6 дана

    No one: Wilbur during among us: *Aussie Wilbur activates*

  19. YaBoi Alpha

    YaBoi AlphaПре 7 дана

    Oh, so nothing about Techno changes no matter what game he’s in, huh?

  20. Alice the Unicorn

    Alice the UnicornПре 7 дана

    You heared it here first folkes, balls are safe

  21. Purple Radianceacry

    Purple RadianceacryПре 9 дана

    Stop soop soup abuse

  22. timmyrich75

    timmyrich75Пре 9 дана


  23. FrankFr0nk _

    FrankFr0nk _Пре 10 дана

    11:45 P o g g a h s

  24. Méxican Ball

    Méxican BallПре 10 дана

    The heck i was suscribred i check and im not

  25. Yana Dancheva

    Yana DanchevaПре 11 дана

    if tommy named this video Among us with thecnoblade is 1000% funnier

  26. Zamboofu

    ZamboofuПре 12 дана

    13:28 David is so goddahm maniacal in this scene and the way Wilbur just panicked just proved that David is a evil mastermind

  27. abbie wells

    abbie wellsПре 12 дана

    Tommy: you grown ideotic man Me: well at least he is actualy grown, unlike some of the children in the lobby Also me: wow, I'm so mean

  28. Looking at the ????

    Looking at the ????Пре 12 дана

    Best technoblade moment 14:16

  29. Unknown_Human

    Unknown_HumanПре 13 дана

    "You grown idiotic English man" -Tommyinnit (9:30)

  30. Surreal Mess

    Surreal MessПре 13 дана

    Wilbur singing Whitesnake??

  31. stephen dalago

    stephen dalagoПре 13 дана

    Bigschlatt:wait I gotta go to shortcut Everyone: Laugh

  32. Dagny is Not Awesome

    Dagny is Not AwesomeПре 14 дана

    7:52 Wilbur and Schlatt are so in sync that they voted at the same time-

  33. Alexander Wortham

    Alexander WorthamПре 14 дана

    Bruh in the beginning when schlatt took the “short cut” i was dying 🤣🤣

  34. Ya Girl Duckie

    Ya Girl DuckieПре 14 дана

    Just some funny timestamps so i can go back when i want to :) 0:04 "I know a shortcut" 1:07 "oh no... was he bleeding?" 2:28 "he was on the scanner I wanted to go" 3:47 "because this is a good place to kill people" 4:22 "you stand here, and you kill me WiTH A PISTOL" 5:07 "look at us, the team!" 5:11 "dance with me, Tommy" 5:16 "I never liked you anyway" 14:24 “subscribe to technoblade” 14:35 5:16 9:42 - 9:59 13:33 5:51 “Guys don’t vote tubbo, he‘s got a task in Medbay” 10:38 "tasty" 10:50 whatever this is 8:50 "yEs! listen to WiLl” 11:22 (philza kills his son again)

  35. Yeet

    YeetПре 15 дана

    Wilbur: We're not gonna go into electrical Also Wilbur: We are gonna go into electrical I lied to you

  36. burnetize

    burnetizeПре 16 дана


  37. Watermelon Willow

    Watermelon WillowПре 19 дана

    "reflection in the black screen" me who's screen is super dirty- "uuuuuuuuugh"

  38. BartoHawk764

    BartoHawk764Пре 21 дан

    Tubbo moment

  39. Angelina

    AngelinaПре 21 дан


  40. Fishyclause

    FishyclauseПре 21 дан

    how is ksi's clips channel that has 50k subs verified and wilburs channel that has 4.5 mil not?? lmao

  41. Chloe Shuch

    Chloe ShuchПре 21 дан


  42. Kathizzy

    KathizzyПре 21 дан

    Techno no speaking all game and then calling a meeting just to tell people to give him money is so on brand for him and it’s beautiful

  43. David Mossman

    David MossmanПре 22 дана

    i think you-tube is glitching out for some reason my subscribe button is gray can anyone help me

  44. that._.one_weeb

    that._.one_weebПре 23 дана

    2:36 he was on the scanner i wanted to go schlatt

  45. CI-T0IDI

    CI-T0IDIПре 23 дана


  46. Hello People that live on the earth.

    Hello People that live on the earth.Пре 24 дана


  47. ღMamaSageღ

    ღMamaSageღПре 25 дана

    10:16--10:37 well heck ._.

  48. Lag Out

    Lag OutПре 25 дана

    Love your finds Wilbur Soot keep it up

  49. apotato

    apotatoПре 25 дана


  50. Itz Red Coral

    Itz Red CoralПре 25 дана

    Mr.Schlatt being funny like heck

  51. A Muffin

    A MuffinПре 26 дана

    techno: GUYS I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING everyone: *leaning in so they hear correctly* Techno: sUbScRiBe tO tEcHnObLaDe Everyone: OMG GET HIM OFF Game: tEcHnObLaDe wAs tHe iMpOsTeR

  52. A Muffin

    A MuffinПре 26 дана

    Time stamp: 14:18

  53. Firekeko

    FirekekoПре 26 дана

    No one gonna mention the “family pic” below?- Aight then

  54. Spoopy Boopy Gaming

    Spoopy Boopy GamingПре 26 дана

    nOnoNOnoNo I'm making a vIdEo!!!

  55. •Lily_Bubbles•

    •Lily_Bubbles•Пре 26 дана

    Brooo I always wanted a British accent but it would be kinda rude to practice having a British accent because I’m not British 😅🥲😓 ( pls tell me if it is actually rude to do that )

  56. Avnish Shrivastava

    Avnish ShrivastavaПре 26 дана

    It's not

  57. Leah Woodford

    Leah WoodfordПре 27 дана

    Literally writing a fan fic about you right now, when its done i will be sending you it

  58. themelonboi

    themelonboiПре 28 дана

    You didn’t have to do the black screen thing

  59. Jari Knuttila

    Jari KnuttilaПре 28 дана

    Schlatt is my spirit animal

  60. Sally Hecht

    Sally HechtПре 29 дана

    why did i GASP when david vented

  61. Fishboiii VR

    Fishboiii VRПре 29 дана


  62. ferret_cat_tomato

    ferret_cat_tomatoПре 29 дана

    Technoblade is not a maniac hes an orphan killer

  63. pidge

    pidgeПре 29 дана

    this was much less a gameplay video and more a compilation of wilbur dying =D

  64. artsyxgirly

    artsyxgirlyПре 29 дана

    Subscribe to technobalde nerds

  65. TheGoldenTurtle

    TheGoldenTurtleПре месец

    ah yes *The Skold*

  66. yes dog

    yes dogПре месец

    what is so funny about, sussus amogus?


    DIANE GARCIAПре месец

    I am subed ty

  68. Superduopo :]

    Superduopo :]Пре месец

    Schlatt can get away with being imposter just because he’s funny

  69. Magellanic

    MagellanicПре 29 дана

    the power of charisma

  70. sienna gunn

    sienna gunnПре месец

    We already new techno was a maniac

  71. Masza Manna

    Masza MannaПре месец

    Videos like this, videos with great people having a great time gets me through the pandemic. Tysm

  72. Mo҉na҉

    Mo҉na҉Пре месец


  73. Kilie Morton

    Kilie MortonПре месец

    “With more task gameplay” got me 💀💀😂😂

  74. Randochild Helpspeople

    Randochild HelpspeopleПре месец

    8:34 don't disrespect the accent like that man😔🤚

  75. Ece Feşel

    Ece FeşelПре месец

    “hold on, I know a shortcut” *jumps in vent* 💀💀💀💀💀

  76. Detec Mason

    Detec MasonПре месец

    Wilbur : TECHNO IS A MANIAC!!!!11!111 Also Wilbur: shows 8.6 Frames of techno.

  77. Sophia Abigail

    Sophia AbigailПре месец

    He was on the scanner I wanted to go

  78. another mentally ill gay

    another mentally ill gayПре месец

    This still manages to be one of my favorite videos ever

  79. flynn carver

    flynn carverПре месец

    alright bye bye fundy

  80. Diamond Gemini

    Diamond GeminiПре месец

    amog us

  81. Condude24

    Condude24Пре месец

    I have not edited this comment so you will know how I got this many likes

  82. Narwal Animates

    Narwal AnimatesПре месец

    2:33 “he was on the scanner I wanted a go” 2:42 “wait, before you vote I have a scan next time” I- im dying of laughter

  83. alice_hbg

    alice_hbgПре месец

    Schlatt carried the whole video 😂😭

  84. Duck

    DuckПре месец


  85. lillyplaz

    lillyplazПре месец

    Quackity: wAs He BlEeDiNg? Me: *died*

  86. Lynxシ

    LynxシПре месец

    It felt illegal seeing Techno getting voted off-

  87. Tess Buchanan

    Tess BuchananПре месец

    Cool 😎

  88. Negative Fox

    Negative FoxПре месец

    jschlatt in dream SMP may be Lawful Evil, but jschlatt himself is chaotic chaotic

  89. Argoplayz

    ArgoplayzПре месец

    XD "wait I know a shortcut"

  90. Calliepop

    CalliepopПре месец


  91. Konnor Thomas

    Konnor ThomasПре месец

    At least bavid dance with you

  92. •_ lolbit FNAF_•

    •_ lolbit FNAF_•Пре месец

    I love how everyone was fine at the end when Nikki unmuted but when tommy unmuted the yelled at him 😂

  93. •_ lolbit FNAF_•

    •_ lolbit FNAF_•Пре месец

    Wilbur: YoU ChiLD!! The chat/comments: 👀👀👀

  94. alpha_ mogwi

    alpha_ mogwiПре месец

    Wilbur didn't deserve any of that hate in the chat just because he "stole" Tubbo's colour in a game ↓(the amount of people who agree)

  95. alva

    alvaПре месец

    *everyone being dramatic about tubbos death* Tommy: *HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH*

  96. Hailey Overzet

    Hailey OverzetПре месец

    Oh I know a short cut.

  97. Zagrikor

    ZagrikorПре месец

    "dIvErTinG pOwAh" "vAIt" Thats how he said it. Aight, We have confirmed that he is the voice actor of the leader of The InBestigators.


    • KÀRÁ_THĘ_GÁÇHÂ_FØX •Пре месец

    Will: that’s a Tubbo moment Tubbo and Tommy: *Angry child noises* Tubbo: *Kills Will*

  99. idiotic crépe

    idiotic crépeПре месец

    vote fundy out he's a furry

  100. Johnny Banana

    Johnny BananaПре месец

    “Reflection in the dark screen” me in the darks I can’t see my reflection: I am now a ghost

  101. Fruity Funduh

    Fruity FunduhПре месец

    I made my minecraft name Funduh and everyone calls me Fundy its kinda triggering

  102. the muffin man

    the muffin manПре месец

    This video was posted on my birthday and i remember watching it, but I forgot to comment. Thanks for giving me a good birthday.

  103. King Zogoro

    King ZogoroПре месец

    TECHNO YEEEEAAAAA **happy sounds**