Building the Resistance (Dream SMP)

for Pogtopia!
for the union! for the revolution!
I'm never satisfied.
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge, election edition. On the Dream SMP I go up against GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Quackity and jschlatt on Dream's Minecraft Server. We had lots of laughs but it was also very intense. This is a part of the Dream SMP Election and it is insane, fun and funny! POG CHAMP!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is against Quackity POG CHAMP!!!
The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


  1. Vid Kukovič

    Vid KukovičПре дан

    The one time I take a sip of water tubbo says hes excuse is being pregnet

  2. zena kusuo

    zena kusuoПре дан

    me rewatching it techno running though lmanburg not giving to two fs

  3. honey-bee

    honey-beeПре дан

    Way is shlat chrump

  4. LM VIDS

    LM VIDSПре 3 дана

    I fucking hate Schlatt too, Wilbur. He’s ruined the SMP! You’re not alone on your statement!

  5. Hope Yankanich

    Hope YankanichПре 3 дана


  6. Hope Yankanich

    Hope YankanichПре 3 дана


  7. Hope Yankanich

    Hope YankanichПре 3 дана


  8. Hope Yankanich

    Hope YankanichПре 3 дана


  9. Hope Yankanich

    Hope YankanichПре 3 дана


  10. Hope Yankanich

    Hope YankanichПре 3 дана


  11. Luna_Bear

    Luna_BearПре 6 дана

    La dog

  12. B_I_R_D

    B_I_R_DПре 7 дана

    No one gonna talk about the floating dog? Is the dog a G O D? Is the dog Technos? If so.. That's great Here is the bit of the G O D dog 6:27

  13. Satriyo Wibisono

    Satriyo WibisonoПре 8 дана


  14. Just a sad *enby* looking at memes at 2am

    Just a sad *enby* looking at memes at 2amПре 8 дана

    7:25 Wilbur interacting with a campfire

  15. Mari Party

    Mari PartyПре 8 дана

    He interacted with that campfire at 7:25 Yes, I am here from the video you're thinking of, and yes, I did come here from a clever commenter on that vid. I wish to share the campfire interaction.

  16. Mari Party

    Mari PartyПре 4 дана

    @[Arkhalis040] Yes? I'm sure it was, but I happened to see it from a video.

  17. [Arkhalis040]

    [Arkhalis040]Пре 4 дана

    It was a livestream...

  18. Stabby

    StabbyПре 9 дана


  19. Christoffer Skog

    Christoffer SkogПре 9 дана

    "if you find me interacting with a campfire i will give you 100 pounds" - wilbur soot 2021 April. Here it is: 7:25

  20. [Arkhalis040]

    [Arkhalis040]Пре 4 дана

    Ding ding ding

  21. Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev PalpatineПре 9 дана

    In RSclub subtittles „Schlatt” is censored lol

  22. Connor Bustamante

    Connor BustamanteПре 9 дана

    Why does techno sound so bored

  23. Its_Bee0

    Its_Bee0Пре 9 дана

    “You wanna see how over Manburg I am?” *wilbur blowing up l’manberg bc he angry 🤠✌🏻*

  24. constantash gaming

    constantash gamingПре 9 дана

    Tommyinnit is a arson

  25. TalenInnit **

    TalenInnit **Пре 9 дана

    11:47 its ok wilbur i swear im crying to 😭😭😭

  26. Crab raver Coffin raver

    Crab raver Coffin raverПре 9 дана


  27. Georgia Yeomans

    Georgia YeomansПре 10 дана

    i’ve been watching all these videos for the first time but in completely the wrong order n it’s so confusing but ah well

  28. Mooney Lovegood

    Mooney LovegoodПре 10 дана

    Healty forest🥵

  29. 64Foolish

    64FoolishПре 10 дана


  30. Rebecca Britt

    Rebecca BrittПре 10 дана

    His new skin looks like JD from heathers.. which is concerning

  31. Azalea zinzun

    Azalea zinzunПре 10 дана

    16:35 🤣 I Told him I was pregnant

  32. Filip Sichrovský

    Filip SichrovskýПре 12 дана


  33. Royaleee Mia

    Royaleee MiaПре 13 дана

    nobody is talking about the fact that Wilbur was wearing an American flag shirt-

  34. StrawberryKitten

    StrawberryKittenПре 13 дана

    pin this

  35. DAZE

    DAZEПре 13 дана

    i had a city before they made there city and mine was called pogtopia

  36. ria sangha

    ria sanghaПре 13 дана

    Bro, the pain when he no longer recognizes you as his father. 😢

  37. Yay Dog

    Yay DogПре 13 дана

    16:30... umm. Ok tubs. Good for u.

  38. Yay Dog

    Yay DogПре 13 дана

    Everyone: *sneaking in* Techno: 8:58

  39. imdxyxnaYt

    imdxyxnaYtПре 14 дана

    “What have I told u about child railing”- technoblade 2020

  40. RiRi

    RiRiПре 14 дана

    fundy disowned wilbur as a father


    CAPTAIN WARDENПре 14 дана

    Wilbur’s state: techno’s anarchy (old ) Wilbur’s state: deceased soon to be revived ( new ) Techno’s state: anarchy veteran and still want’s the government Down Tommy’s state: cancer Fundy’s state: furry

  42. william knotts

    william knottsПре 15 дана

    tubbo would be a good mom

  43. Turoo Oikawa

    Turoo OikawaПре 15 дана

    hello it is I the girl in the black screen I would just like to say I am indeed subscribed.

  44. Ray Solaire

    Ray SolaireПре 18 дана

    everytime someone falls off the stairs: *the railings.*

  45. Kasen Baker

    Kasen BakerПре 18 дана

    Why does he say tetnoblade

  46. Lime

    LimeПре 18 дана

    “The new flag is disgusting” Why is this fax tho XAF AFAX FAX AX

  47. JJM plaz

    JJM plazПре 21 дан

    I'm board

  48. sophie

    sophieПре 21 дан

    *We DiDnT sTaRt ThE fIrE! iT wAs AlwAys BuRnInG sInCe ThE wOrLd wAs TuRnInG*

  49. CJSH2017 —

    CJSH2017 —Пре 21 дан

    It’s okay tubbo

  50. Chewbacca Tree

    Chewbacca TreeПре 22 дана

    Your mom house

  51. TheYumeSharkoogan

    TheYumeSharkooganПре 22 дана

    the almost took an "L" joke broke my heart, and my lungs becuz i laughed so hard. But it was sad when fundy denied being wilburs son.

  52. TheYumeSharkoogan

    TheYumeSharkooganПре 22 дана

    wiiiiild thoughts: has anybody ever noticed the "XXX" on vitaminwater?

  53. ZyrixZero

    ZyrixZeroПре 22 дана

    i love how l'manberg was against americans at first and he was wearing an american t-shirt on the intro

  54. Gamerization Studio

    Gamerization StudioПре 23 дана

    When you have to revolt against the nation you lead in their rebellion.

  55. ConstaHood

    ConstaHoodПре 23 дана

    R.I.P L'dog

  56. Elias Gouveia

    Elias GouveiaПре 23 дана

    wilbur be like simp for niki

  57. train

    trainПре 23 дана


  58. Talei Seuvou

    Talei SeuvouПре 23 дана

    This all started with a hto dog van selling drugs

  59. Íker TG

    Íker TGПре 24 дана

    OMG i am the 150000 like to your video! I feel especial, even tho i am not :-D

  60. Hello People that live on the earth.

    Hello People that live on the earth.Пре 24 дана


  61. Hailey Overzet

    Hailey OverzetПре 24 дана

    I told him I was pregnant.

  62. Shark rock Productions

    Shark rock ProductionsПре 24 дана

    11:32 this is how the death of L,manberg started lady’s, others, & gentalmen.

  63. Exotic_Butters

    Exotic_ButtersПре 26 дана

    CONGRATS on the child coming soon tubbo ;) wish you well luv Xx -signed every mum on Facebook Xx

  64. lil chiken

    lil chikenПре 26 дана

    It hurt when u look @ Wilbur & his heart shatters when fundy turns to Schlatt... 🥺💔

  65. Arcangel Ramiel

    Arcangel RamielПре 26 дана

    Daaaaaanm ssssssooooooh that’s cold

  66. Mr Pogtato

    Mr PogtatoПре 27 дана

    I didn't know they got to Pogtato before me. Bruh.....

  67. Amanda Ochoa

    Amanda OchoaПре 28 дана

    i just saw noah beck in a tinder add

  68. NickyBlueEyes

    NickyBlueEyesПре 28 дана

    he put diamonds in the furnace because nobody would look in a furnace for the diamonds.

  69. Avery Wunder

    Avery WunderПре 29 дана


  70. lizzy zuwzu

    lizzy zuwzuПре месец

    Wilbur the only 1 on the dream smp who has the graphics were a block with dirt and grass is basically just a a block with grass on every side

  71. Idiotic Bread

    Idiotic BreadПре месец

    The good ol days

  72. Misfortune-the -fox

    Misfortune-the -foxПре месец

    11:28 And this is the moment when his heart rips in half :(

  73. Emma Kell

    Emma KellПре месец

    This is scripted

  74. GFX Phantom

    GFX PhantomПре 27 дана

    Um we know

  75. Just Pyro

    Just PyroПре месец

    Jshalt jshalt jshalt

  76. Liljatupsu/Lilytuft

    Liljatupsu/LilytuftПре месец

    "A round of applause for Tubbo" Didn't Ghostbur say something similiar to that in Tommy's stream?

  77. Lordxian gamer

    Lordxian gamerПре месец

    I l8ke to kill my freinds in my server

  78. Sarah Dougall

    Sarah DougallПре месец

    I got so sad when Fundy denied Wilbur as his father. I need to go outside, I'm getting to attached to this.

  79. Nightcore PL

    Nightcore PLПре месец

    child proofing saga: 01:16 01:30 03:05 03:33 04:14 04:45

  80. Meeue Chan

    Meeue ChanПре месец

    "I told him I was pregnant" and now we have Michael.

  81. Mona Pipo

    Mona PipoПре месец


  82. Jimmy Minecraft

    Jimmy MinecraftПре месец

    Ok when are you getting revived

  83. T h e o :D

    T h e o :DПре месец


  84. David Schaefer

    David SchaeferПре месец

    Great Comment!

  85. T h e o :D

    T h e o :DПре месец

    Good comment!

  86. o o

    o oПре месец

    That awkward moment when my room is so dark I don’t reflect in the black screen

  87. Haydxn

    HaydxnПре месец

    anyone else wondering how they got those healing arrows with no dragons breath?

  88. Li Henry

    Li HenryПре месец

    What if it was Michael that tubbo was referring to

  89. Finnly

    FinnlyПре месец

    my head hurts 😣

  90. I Do art

    I Do artПре месец

    Tubbo did it again

  91. kyber_lol

    kyber_lolПре месец

    So mabye if/when ghostbur is revived he workes with techno to take down the government bc it wasnt wilbur who made the government after techno worked to take down shlats government

  92. Crypt Rekt

    Crypt RektПре месец

    Tubbo was the one that gave birth to Michael It's all adding up now

  93. Stan techno blade

    Stan techno bladeПре месец

    Michael is adopted tho?

  94. KFA Orchards

    KFA OrchardsПре месец

    SO LAST TIME ON THE DREAM SMP me and Tommy lost our nation

  95. Tori sp00ky

    Tori sp00kyПре месец


  96. Superior Aether

    Superior AetherПре месец

    wish i could hell :(

  97. Twenty8hrs

    Twenty8hrsПре месец

    Techno is a pig not a Gorilla. Willbur u should know this.

  98. Super Plushie Sean

    Super Plushie SeanПре месец

    dude Jschlatt is just destroying things to spite Wilbur at this point

  99. Filly reports

    Filly reportsПре месец

    Watching this now makes me feel MANY things

  100. Tree28 Godshall

    Tree28 GodshallПре месец

    Tommy:should I kill your son Wilbur:no no keep him alive Wilbur’s mind:I WANT HIM DEAD SO MUCH!

  101. Omni

    OmniПре месец


  102. Raphael

    RaphaelПре месец

    Everybody gangsta until *Le dog* joins the dream SMP

  103. cyruscrush

    cyruscrushПре месец

    oh dreammmmm

  104. HazyDrCuddlepuff Extra's

    HazyDrCuddlepuff Extra'sПре месец


  105. HazyDrCuddlepuff Extra's

    HazyDrCuddlepuff Extra'sПре месец

    Remember when he was alive ahhahah lame

  106. Bingus

    BingusПре месец

    Techno's love for potatoes clearly shows in anything he does

  107. Taxfoo

    TaxfooПре месец


  108. Person

    PersonПре месец

    Wait I just realized What if techno is having potato war ptsd

  109. Mafalda Viana

    Mafalda VianaПре месец

    Wilbur: God, I hate Schlatt Also Wilbur: * wearing Schlatt's shirt *

  110. Eli B

    Eli BПре месец

    hmm... Conmune... Communist... COMMUNIST! WILBUR IS A COMMUNIST CONFIRMED

  111. neutralnet

    neutralnetПре месец

    as he should

  112. Emilio xd

    Emilio xdПре месец

    he ded

  113. Prim8

    Prim8Пре месец

    I think its so funny that Wilbur is older than most of them